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West Palm Beach Suboxone Doctor has all the resources of a full health care clinic, but the feel of a home. Our Suboxone treatment plans take into account your unique medical needs for safe treatment in a secure and comfortable environment. We specialize in recovery, so that we can help you not only heal from your addiction but move forward into your better life.

Expertise in Long-Term Recovery and Lifestyle Building

At West Palm Beach Suboxone Doctor, we have a full range of services beyond a Suboxone prescription to get your life back on track. We offer compassionate counseling services to address the underlying causes of your addiction, resume review to help our patients find a better career, and family programming to reestablish those connections that may have been lost due to the addiction.

Confidential Treatment with Full Health Clinic

One of the benefits of choosing West Palm Beach Suboxone Doctor is that we are a full health clinic that specializes in mental health and has emergency room experience. We have labs on site to run any tests, so that your all your health care can happen in one place. This keeps your treatment confidential and allows us to focus on your total wellness. We treat the whole person, not just physical symptoms.

Personalized Suboxone Treatment Plans

West Palm Beach Suboxone Doctor is a family-oriented practice that welcomes you into a non-judgmental environment for individualized treatment. Our Suboxone doctor will conduct a thorough exam to help you determine the Suboxone medication and treatment plan that is right for you, such as Suboxone, Subutex, or Vivitrol. No matter where you are in your addiction, we have the resources to help you find the path to sobriety.


Our Suboxone clinic is also a full health care clinic, with expertise in mental health. This way we can help our patients with issues beyond a Suboxone prescription and provide them a stable presence in their lives. At West Palm Beach Suboxone Doctor, it is all about doing what is right for the patient. It’s why we have such flexible hours on weekends and evenings – we want you to be able to attend meetings and visit our clinic while still going about your daily life. At West Palm Beach Suboxone Doctor, we share your fear. We share your sadness. We share your anxiety. But we also share your hope and your commitment to bettering your life by overcoming your addiction. Our professional staff is here for you always to help you heal and support you throughout your recovery. When you come to West Palm Beach Suboxone Doctor, you gain a community of people who support you and become a part of something bigger than yourself.



Suboxone® is an FDA approved prescription medication for opiate addiction that comes in the form of a film. Patients dissolve the Suboxone film under their tongue. This medication helps to mitigate harsh withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings. West Palm Beach Suboxone Doctor can provide Suboxone, Subutex, or Vivitrol. Our physicians will recommend the opioid addiction medication for you based on your specific medical requirements.

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